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Global Performance Partners provides training and consulting services unparallelled in the industry.  Most quality consulting firms focus on providing one or more tools to improve the capability of the organization.  Unfortunately, if there isn't a "culture" that encourages or insists all personnel use these tools, there is little positive change in the organization. 

GPP focuses on helping senior management create a prevention oriented culture, an environment where work must be done right the first time; errors, when they occur, must be quantified, prioritized and targeted for corrective action.

The foundation of this culture are four simple, but profound principles.  These principles, or absolutes, answer questions that are critical to the success of any quality process and business.

1.  WHAT IS QUALITY?  While everyone is in favor of quality, most can't find a consistent definition that can be communicated and clearly understood.  We define quality as Conformance to Requirements.  Subsequently, there is no good or bad quality, no high or low quality.  Products and services either conform and they are quality, or they don't and they aren't quality.  This takes out the argument about what is good enough to provide the customer.

2.  WHAT SYSTEM CAUSES QUALITY?  Most organizations use some form of inspection to ensure their products or services meet customer needs.  However, inspection is after the fact.  The best that can be done if a problem is found is scrap it, rework it or re-do it.  The system for causing quality is Prevention.  Inspection costs money; prevention can make you money.

3.  WHAT IS THE ORGANIZATIONS PERFORMANCE STANDARD?  Most companies operate with a "close enough" attitude.  They believe that when trying to manage cost, schedule and quality, close enough is the best that can be done.  Instead, when the performance standard is Zero Defects, the right things get done right, and cost and schedule take care of themselves.

4.  HOW IS QUALITY MEASURED?  Most organizations use some form of indices, comparing their performance to others in the industry.  Doing better than someone else who may not be doing very well creates a false sense of accomplishment.  Quality should be measured financially.  The Price of Nonconformace quantifies the impact of non-quality and begins the process for converting problems into profits.



GPP was founded by former executives of Philip Crosby Associates, the firm that revolutionized the quality consulting world.  As a result, our professionals have worked with organizations such as:

General Motors, Chrysler, Wyeth, Merck, Haggar Apparel, Amerisource Bergen, PPG Industries, Boehringer-Ingelheim, AT&T, Kendall, Honda, Whirlpool, ConMed and other for profit, non-profit, government, manufacturing and service organizations.

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